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The Customers can receive Solar Panel Inspection Services using Thermal Cameras of Drone Survey.This can inspect all information  which can not be inspect using traditional Method of large scale solar power Plants.These information are Interconnection failure, spot cell defects, defected part of photovoltaic cells, cell failure, dirt on electrical phenomenon cells,cracked and  broken photovoltaic cell, Degradation of solar cells, Decrease of operational potency.

The trade has to depend upon stylish UAV technology for star farm scrutiny, Monitoring, and large-scale maintenance. Our deliverables embody geotagged high-resolution drone pictures and orthomosaics for fast decision-making.

UAV inspection forms an essential part of quality control methodology and periodic maintenance schedules. We provides an efficient method of validating new installations and helps to maintain maximum operational output from Data. During the flight we can control and monitor live images to produce fully radiometric data which will be the primary raw data.


The data are further processed and analysed by our specialist o as to make final output polished, easy and comprehensible for the management. Aerial infrared imaging linked to high definition image capture for inspection of photovoltaic modules are widely accepted as an easy, safe, less time consuming and efficient way of inspection.

Solar Panel Inspection| Companies| Thermal Camera

We to our customer provide the Solar panel Inspection Solar Panel Inspection Companies | Thermal Camera Mapping | Aerial Infrared imaging data are employed in precision to manage and monitor Solar Panel  at different levels.

  • Solar panel Inspection Count.

  • Damage In Solar panel,cracked and  broken photovoltaic cell.

  • Periodically  Monitoring Of Solar Plant.

  • Mapping of Solar Panel, Interconnection failure.

  • spot cell defects, defected part of photovoltaic cells.

  • Cell failure, dirt on electrical phenomenon cells.

  • Degradation of solar cells.

  • Decrease of operational potency.


Domain Technology

  • GIS & Remote Sensing

  • 3D Laser Scanning

  • Ariel Drone Survey

  • GPS & DGPS Technology

  • LIDAR Technology

  • Total Station

  • Digital Level